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Why Plan Your Spring Vacation in February Part – 1

We’re headed toward February, and for many people, it still feels like we’re in the thick of winter. Even if your climate isn’t chilly, spring break is still a ways off. Don’t be tricked, though – it’s closer than you think! It may feel far now, but it will be here before you know it. That is why we are going to use the next two blogs to discuss the benefits of planning your spring break vacation ahead of time.

  1. More time to pay

    • Have you ever paid a large amount all at once? It can be pretty painful, especially if you weren’t deliberately saving up for it.
    • Booking your lodging and tickets by giving a deposit and a credit card ahead of time gives you weeks to save up for the final balance. This means less stress and lower prices. 

  2. Lower prices

    • Prices always go up in busy seasons, so if you can make reservations and buy tickets ahead of time, you’ll save even more money by avoiding the price spikes.
    • Early February is a great time to make reservations for spring break getaways, because companies haven’t raised their prices yet. However, you don’t want to start any later than February! Many schools have their spring breaks in March, which isn’t that far away!

When you’re making preparations to visit Destin, Panama City, or other south Florida cities, don’t forget to contact Amoré First Class Limos and Transport. Our airport shuttle will take a huge burden off your shoulders and allow you to truly enjoy your time off. Call today!

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