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How to Save Money on Spring Break – Part 2

Believe it or not, it is possible to have a great spring break and save money at the same time. Whether you have kids on break from school or you’re in college, it’s important to have a break, so don’t let money concerns slow you down.

In our last blog, we gave you two tips for saving money on your spring break. We have two more money-saving tips for you here!

  1. Stay somewhere that features activities

    • Most hotels and other accommodations will proclaim they are close to this beach or that club, which can be very compelling … until you try getting everybody together every night to travel to an offsite activity.
    • Instead of choosing a hotel that boasts about its nearness to other places, find accommodations offering pool parties, DJs, and contests and games. That way, the only time you have to go through the hassle of gathering everybody up is when you go to concerts and big events.
  2. Stay in accommodations with a kitchen

    • The best way to save money (and your health) is to balance eating out with eating in. Pool money and buy supplies for your meals and supplement a few great evenings of eating out with healthy, inexpensive food made in your kitchen.

Getting an airport shuttle from Amoré First Class Limos and Transport is another way to save money. We also offer great limo service for that special evening. Our rates are affordable and our service is first-class. Contact us today and let us the complexity out of your vacation!


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