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How to Save Money on Spring Break – Part 1

In our last two blogs, we discussed why it is great to plan your spring break ahead of time. As we head into March, spring break is getting close, and we want to give you some tips for saving money.

Panama City is a very popular spring break destination, because you can get the benefits of more exotic beach locations without paying for a passport, travel insurance, or expensive plane tickets. There are great ways to continue savings all through your break, and we are going to use the next two blogs to share them!

  1. Reserve large suites, condos, and beach houses.

    • This is counter-intuitive, because many people try to save money by splitting smaller hotel rooms. Ironically, larger and fancier accommodations are often cheaper because they sleep more people. More people means lower costs per person.

  2. Use discretion

    • No matter how frugal you are in planning your spring break, you can completely ruin the budget by damaging your accommodations and losing your damage deposit. Make sure you note your accommodations when you arrive so that any pre-existing damages don’t fall to you. After that, don’t create more damage.
    • Law enforcement is especially on-guard during spring break, which can result in both tickets and damaged records. Find ways to have fun that don’t involve breaking the law, and you won’t come home from break feeling worse-off than when you left.

Amoré First Class Limos and Transport is south Florida’s premier limo and airport shuttle company, so we know what it takes to have a great spring break without breaking the bank. Call us for great service today!


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